Starting Off The School Year With Vitamin Strong

I was approached by MamasLatinas to be part of the Walmart Family Routine campaign speaking on how certain products help you create a healthier routine.  I

Racing Takes Meaning: Brianna’s Hopeful Heart

They say time heals all wounds but I disagree. Maybe time can help you breathe again, but some wounds are just too big to

Silence To The Naysayers

F*** them (think of a word that rhymes with duck). That’s what my husband Joe says of the naysayers. You know the type. They add

From Tragedy to Triumph: The Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act

Although I am an eternal optimist, at my old age I sometimes let cynicism enter my psyche. I refuse to get into politics on
Fitness Posts:

Ironman Arizona Week 13: Distracted But Grounded

This week I was distracted but I might as well get used to it. From now until November 16, there will be a lot

Ironman Arizona Week 12: On Track

There was a discussion on following training plans on one of my Ironman Arizona forums. I was surprised at how many people were on top

Much Gratitude To The Hilton Key Largo Resort

I’m a better person while working on a ThumbsUp project. It’s just a fact. I smile more, am nicer to strangers, and am certainly a

Ironman Arizona Week 11: Insanity

One definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. If that’s true, I am certifiably insane.