From Tragedy to Triumph: The Aaron Cohen Life Protection Act

Although I am an eternal optimist, at my old age I sometimes let cynicism enter my psyche. I refuse to get into politics on

Being Brazilian About It: O Jeitinho Brasilieiro

Sometimes I’ll say “let’s be Brazilian about it,” and it’s not always flattering. It means taking a short cut bordering on the illegal, so

A Spanish Summer in Miami: Agri Kids Adventure Camp

When I was young I thought I could change the world. One of the things I have enjoyed doing the most was opening a

A Family Affair: The Miami Kids Triathlon

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you are probably sick and tired of pictures of my boys triathlon on Sunday …
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Introducing Six:02

I am nowhere near a fashionista and I live in workout clothes. On any given day, you will see me at school pick up

Ironman Arizona Week 7: Back on The Bandwagon

I got my mojo back, and took this week by the horns.   I didn’t do everything on my schedule, but given the limitations of

Ironman Arizona Week 6: Training? What Training?

We are still on vacation. For the past two weeks I have been with Joe and the boys around the Northeast. My Coach’s instructions

Review: Nike MAX Transitions Sunglasses

I’m one of those who wear my gear until it no longer functions. My Garmin watch is literally about to fall apart, but I