A Boy In Trouble

We often use an acronym in our house: PITB (pronounced PITUB) for Pain In The Butt. It’s basically a G-rated version of PITA, which

A Sincere Letter To the Women For Tri Board

Dear Women For Tri Board, I’ve been encouraged by people on Twitter to write you this letter, but I have to make it quick

Enough is Enough

There’s this story about a woman who found two eggs. She was walking to the market to sell them thinking what she would do

Resolutions Are Not For Me …. Baby Steps Work Better

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, mostly because I have a 90% chance of failure. Resolutions don’t motivate me for long periods and as
Fitness Posts:

A New Chapter Begins: Ironman Lake Placid

I clearly remember seeing my husband Joe and my two kids right before I entered the finish shoot at Ironman Arizona last year. It

Race Recap: Bike Sebring

Some women prefer to go shopping, others to a SPA, but I like to go on long bike rides. Therefore a twelve hour bike race

A View From The Gutter

I’m down in the dumps. I feel this self-imposed pressure that things have to be great all the time, where I need to be

Bike Issues: Fear Gets The Best of Me.

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Miami, cyclists have a bad rep. They are known to ride in massive pelotons,