Dreamer Takes A Hike

When I got news from my sponsor Got Chocolate Milk that I would be competing in Ironman Arizona, Joe and I decided to travel

Success, Failure & Fundraising

In life you have both success and failure: neither are permanent. Being part of the human race, I’ve had my fair share of both.

Olay And Fate Intersect At Oprah’s Life You Want Tour

This past August I was speaking to the good folks at Harpo Productions about Oprah’s Life You Want Tour. It was the biggest, most

Winners And Losers In A Miami Change of Address

I don’t write negative reviews. If a company sends me product I didn’t like, I simply don’t post and give them feedback directly. My
Fitness Posts:

Bike Sebring Week 2: (R * T) = D

Maybe I should’ve thought this through a little better. I have nine weeks to Bike Sebring with a whole lot going on. Not only will boys

Crossing The Threshold: ThumbsUp International Is Born

I’m no saint; I get jealous. If I see a beautiful woman who is nice and smart to boot, my first thought is not

Now What? Setting a New Goal

What do you do when you reach a major goal? After a week travelling around Arizona with my family after Ironman I still wasn’t

Race Recap: Ironman Arizona 2014

Ironman Arizona (IMAZ) was not fun; I continuously questioned why I was even there, and whether I would ever race 140.6 again. I cried