Best Western – Take Us To Texas!

I don’t normally do this, but I am submitting an application to Best Western to be their Latino Summer Travel Blogger, and well, I

A Moment Lasts Forever

We had a moment. The four of us were in the car, and Joe put on “Apeman” by the Kinks: a catchy tune with

Let it Go … It’s Not The End Of The World

You know you made a right choice of letting something go when it feels like a massive weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

A Boy In Trouble

We often use an acronym in our house: PITB (pronounced PITUB) for Pain In The Butt. It’s basically a G-rated version of PITA, which
Fitness Posts:

Ironman Lake Pacid: A New Perspective

Some people get fit by going to a gym, I go to Ironman. That’s how I view it now-a-days. Here’s the deal: I told

Race Recap: Michelob Miami Beach 13.1

I’m a runner because I run, not because I love it. To me, runs are endured not enjoyed. Except for that one run, every

A New Chapter Begins: Ironman Lake Placid

I clearly remember seeing my husband Joe and my two kids right before I entered the finish shoot at Ironman Arizona last year. It

Race Recap: Bike Sebring

Some women prefer to go shopping, others to a SPA, but I like to go on long bike rides. Therefore a twelve hour bike race